Gutter Cleaning Tools That You Should Get To Know

Homeowners know very well how taxing gutter maintenance can be. However, despite their apprehension when it comes to this task, everybody else should know that having clean gutters is always important. After all, nobody wants water to be pooling around their homes and eventually causing damage to the structure’s foundation.

In order to make the task a whole lot easier, you will need a set of gutter cleaning tools. You are given a wide array of choices. Some are traditional, meaning they have been used way before the more modern cleaning tools of today. Others are modernised too with mechanisms that will bring a lot of convenience on the part of any homeowner. Without further ado, here are some gutter cleaning tools to take note of.

Sturdy ladder


This is one of the tools used for traditional gutter cleaning. Without this, you will not be able to do the job. When looking for a ladder, you have to make sure it is high enough to reach the gutters safely and it should allow you to rest your head and chest above the gutters. The principle behind this is to prevent any debris from getting into your eyes and to minimise the possibility of inhaling dust particles.

Wooden paint stir stick

This will be useful in loosening materials at the bottom of the gutter. A stick will also be useful to poke debris that has collected in the downspout. Take note that you should always include the downspout when you clean your gutter that is why this tool is very important. Remember that this is where the water flows. Any dirt that has clogged in this area can affect the purpose of your gutter.

Garden trowel

To make the dirt collection process easier, a garden trowel would be necessary. This traditional gutter cleaning tool will allow you to collect more debris and leaves in a shorter time.

Bucket or trash bin

You would not want to be going back and forth to your garbage can a number of times. With a bucket or trash bin near your work area, you can readily dump dirt without wasting time.

Garden hose

After scraping and troweling out all the dirt, a garden hose can be used to wash your gutter and downspout. This will make the entire spot look better after you have removed the dirt and debris that have accumulated in it. It will also help prepare the gutter for its next use.

Pressure washer

This is one of the latest innovations used for cleaning the gutter. The principle behind using this device is this. Debris and sediment cannot withstand the force of water from this cleaning tool. Grime and film that cannot be removed manually can be easily blasted. Remember, however, using a pressure washer whilst standing on a ladder can be quite dangerous. Obviously, it would be difficult to maintain balance whilst holding something that emits much pressure. To make it as a safe alternative, a wand and gutter cleaning material can be attached. This makes the use of a ladder unnecessary and cleaning can be done in a jiffy.

Telescopic gutter cleaner

With this innovation for gutter cleaning, a ladder can be taken out of the list too. This innovation allows you to clean your gutter with ease. It is manufactured with an aluminum pole, a zinc valve and a brass goose neck that can be easily connected to a component called the garden hose. It promises sweeping action like no other which makes removing debris in your gutters much of a breeze.

Gutter scoops

If there is one thing that makes this innovation different from those of the pressure washer and the telescopic gutter cleaner, that will be the fact that gutter scoops require a ladder. It works well with debris that cannot be easily scooped by hand like pine needles and muddy sediment.

Robot cleaner

For a more high-tech method you can have a ‘robot cleaner’ do the job. The robot is simply attached to your gutter and cleans with a rotating auger and brush combo that spins at 500 rpm. This is an amazing alternative to hands-on cleaning. This also has a disadvantage as it splashes mud to the roof that will be washed back to the gutter again.

Some other important gutter cleaning tools

There are of course other cleaning tools that will help you with gutters and eavestroughs in Toronto. One is the sealant which is noted to be useful in patching up some tiny holes. Of course, you should not forget your working gloves and goggles. Donning on these two materials are for your safety.

Now that you have been familiar with the gutter cleaning tools, you might want to try the job on your own. However, for those who want to avoid the hassles with the task or are not fans of DIY work, you can always ask a contractor to help you with this endeavour.