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Eavestrough, also known as eaves, trough, guttering ,eaves channel,gutter or roof water draining system collects and controls the rainwater that falls on a house’s roof and redirects it away from its foundation.

GTA Professional Gutter Installation & Repair Service

Eavestrough is not something that one can simply ignore. Properly aligned eavestrough helps to keep not only your roofing but also a strong foundation intact. This is because during the installation of the gutter system, we employ precise techniques of the water flow at no point do your basements get flooded; further, your siding is protected and no water damage takes place. Additionally, our services can give your home a better appearance, and you may raise the value of your property. Century Aluminum specializes in residential as well as commercial applications. At GTA, we have a pool of professionals who supply eavestrough installation and repairs services. Prior to installing an eavestrough system, we begin by examining your property to make sure the water moves away from the foundation keeping it well ventilated. Eavestrough and siding installation are not only done to improve the appearance of your property. Once well done, it offers a long-term strength to the structure of your house.

The eavestrough that we installed is more than sufficient to survive the Canadian weather. We make sure that you get your money’s worth and a lasting answer to the issue of your roof drainage. First and foremost, we look at the state of your home’s roofing and drainage to determine the best solution. Our services are tailored to meet specific requirements of your property. For instance, if your problem is low water flow and damp damage; we establish whether leaves or any other debris block the spouts.

Improved water flow
Dry Basement
Prevent water from damaging the perimeter of the property
Enhance Aesthetics
And more

We make certain that your eavestrough system is put in on the appropriate pitch all through each section of your roof, which ensures correct water circulation. Eavestroughs including downpipes are meant for draining away water from building foundations. We will also see to it that no leaves, twigs or any other debris find their way in your eavestrough during the installation of the gutter system in order to prevent clogging.

The process of installing a gutter is technical and needs someone with special training. We have installed the most modern appliances to guarantee that we are doing our work safely and fast, as well as use only top-notch materials. The process begins by first evaluating the condition of your current gutters to determine the best way forward in terms of gutter installation. Before the installation, we carry out all required rubbish removal and take away anything that will prevent a flawless instillation by our staff of your new gutters. We observe all the strictest industry norms with all required safety measures for your property and timeliness in project delivery. So, if you need gutter installation or repair services then do not hesitate to contact us immediately!

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Eavestrough Installation and Repairs

Water damage is arguably THE most common form of home damage in the GTA. Most home owners only passively think about gutters, and only react once a problem has happened. This small component of your home is responsible for directing water away from your attic, walls, and basement.

A malfunctioning Eaves Trough system may result in:

  • Damages to roofs
  • Damaged (rot, ruin, stains) to siding, painted, brick and stucco wall finishes.
  • Heaving walkways
  • Damaged landscaping
  • Mold and Moisture
  • Basement Flooding

These problems can be a great expense and timely repair. Also, sitting water attracts insects (in particular mosquitoes) which can encourage the spread of viruses such as West Nile. 

 It just makes sense to tend to this before it becomes a problem. To make it easier for you, we've created a very streamlined service:

Seamless eavestrough and gutters manufactured on the spot:

  • Advanced Fastening Systems, used with rustproof screws for better and longer durability.
  • A Wide variety of colours (including copper) to better match your unique taste.
  • Variety of downspout dimensions and colors.
  • Only Durable and premium silicone sealant used.

There are different factors that can affect your eavestrough performance such as, debris, eaves trough and downspout size or placement, too many or not enough slope.

To be safe and take care of your investment contact us today!

Eaves Troughs are the main system, however there are also many related items that will be more cost effective to install during this process. If you are unsure of what needs your attention, please call our customer service now.

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