What are they?

Rain barrels serve as a reservoir of heavy storm water. From the roof, rain is directed into a tank, which is attached to the downspouts and saved for later use. There can be placed more than one rain barrel in a house, which also come in different sizes and features.

How do they work?

Rain barrel collects water runoff, through the rain gutter from the rooftop. This water can be used for gardening purposes or can be emptied onto a permeable surface or a landform to allow it to infiltrate. Some rain barrels include special features such as spigots for attaching garden hoses, filters, mosquito-proof mesh, and child and animal-proofing. 

What are the Benefits?

  • Rain barrels considerably reduce runoff at a low cost and minimal maintenance.
  • Suitable for any household size or location.
  • Stores un-chlorinated water for use on lawns and gardens.
  • Reduce domestic water use, lowering water bills and demands on city water system, especially during peak summer periods.
  • If used and maintained appropriately there can be a reduction of 65–70 % of runoff.