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Not only do our aluminum products provide the strength and durability you depend on, but each component is designed for the utmost in beauty and homeowner satisfaction.

Whether you're a home builder, contractor, or architect, you'll find everything you need to create great looking home exteriors.

Aluminum Siding

Siding is the outer covering or cladding of a house meant to shed water and protect from the effects of weather. It is also a key element in the aesthetic beauty of the structure that directly influences the property’s value.

  • It comes in different lengths and widths to better suit your requirements(Can be installed horizontally and vertically)
  • Many available colors
  • High wind resistance
  • Features different natural wood-grain finish

Vinyl Siding

Using Vinyl, carries the benefit of choosing one of the most popular siding materials in the country. Over 30% of the Canadian households choose within the range of vinyl siding in Mississauga. Apart from the weather resistance, functionality factor of the vinyl-siding, the product comes in a variety of colors, and if you are considering selling your home, vinyl siding is a good choice for advertising the lifelong durability of your home's exterior. A worthy investment!

Why vinyl is popular

  • Affordable: Vinyl costs less than other home siding materials as oppose to some forms of wood, like cedar, which cost more than twice.
  • Easy to maintain: Vinyl siding does not require constant painting, finishing or securing. It can be easily be cleaned with no more than soap and water every few years. Specific strips that may need repairing can be easily removed and replaced. It certainly absorbs less moisture than wood siding.
  • Durable: Vinyl technology uses long-lasting material with UV Tested for Color Fade Resistance.

vinyl siding mississauga

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