Here Are 6 Exquisite Exterior Siding Options Available For Your Property!

Adding exterior siding to your property is highly recommended these days as this is the best way to improve the aesthetics of your house, increase its value and insulate it properly, so that in the future you don’t waste a lot of money on your energy bill. Also, the good news is that there are many siding materials available for you to choose from these days. In order to make a fully-informed decision, here are more details about the most popular exterior siding materials you can find on the market.

Vinyl siding

Vinyl is one of the best materials to go for if you don’t have a big budget to spend on home improvements, yet you want a quality product that can pass the test of time. Vinyl siding comes at affordable prices and it is available in many colors, giving you the opportunity to completely transform the exterior design of your house. Additionally, this siding option is very easy to maintain and it can last for a decent amount of time, so it is worth taking it into consideration. Additionally, if you are a DIY type of guy, vinyl siding is perfect for you as you don’t need advanced tools or a lot of time in order to install it on your house.

Brick siding


Genuine brick comes in different sizes and textures these days, but it can be quite expensive to install. However, brick veneer is more affordable and it is perfect for you if you want to give your property a warm and attractive look. Brick veneer can also increase the lifespan of your property if it is installed correctly and it can protect it against bad weather conditions and other damaging agents.

When the professionals install brick veneer, they will also install a waterproof membrane under it in order to prevent water from infiltrating and causing damage to the house. Although installing brick veneer is a little bit time-consuming, it will increase the value of your property and make it look gorgeous.

Stone veneer siding

In a similar fashion, you might want to take into consideration installing stone veneer on the exterior of your property. This material is lightweight and less expensive than genuine stone, so it can be installed quicker, easier and for less money. Also, especially if the stone veneer siding is properly maintained and cleaned on a regular basis, it can last for a lifetime.

Another great advantage of stone veneer siding is that it comes in a variety of styles, colors and textures, giving you the opportunity to raise the curb appeal of your house without paying a fortune for this.

Stucco siding

This siding option is also very popular and commonly encountered in Mediterranean houses. Stucco is usually made from building sand, cement, limestone and water if it is properly installed and maintained from time to time, it can last for decades without problems. Before installing stucco, the professionals will a waterproof membrane and a galvanized-metal screening in order to protect the walls of the house and support the stucco which will be placed above it. Lastly, stucco comes at affordable prices, so it is within every homeowner’s budget reach.

Wood siding

On the other hand, if you are attracted by the warmness and rich texture of wood then you might be happy to know that you can also use this material as exterior siding for your property. Although this siding option is a little bit more expensive, it will give a traditional and welcoming look to your house and it can even last for a hundred years, if it is maintained regularly. When it comes to maintenance, you might have to chalk and paint wood siding in order to prevent weather damage.

Additionally, some manufacturers treat the wood siding in order to be more resistant to pest attacks as well as fires. If you want to sleep better at nights, you are strongly encouraged to go for such quality wood siding in the future.

Fibre-cement siding

The last one in our list is fibre-cement siding, an increasingly popular siding option that comes at a reasonable price these days. This siding option doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and best of all, it is fire-resistant. Therefore, you have the assurance that your house will not be affected if a leaf catches fire by accident in your yard during a hot summer day. Similarly, fibre-cement siding is termite-resistant as well. Needless to say, fibre-cement siding comes in a plethora of designs, textures, colors and finishes and you should take advantage of this in order to give your property that beautiful and attractive look you have always wanted.

Another good siding option would be aluminum siding and if you are interested about its benefits and features, make sure that you give us a call. We have a lot of experience when it comes to exterior siding and we can help you make the best choice.