Gutter Installation and its Advantages

Gutters are hidden saviours. The drainage system is underground, and the most substantial part of it is the gutter system. Undermining the importance of clean and well-installed gutters can lead to damages in your house that can disregard the natural stability of your home. An improper drain can mean a lot of work. It could even mean that you may have to reorganize the entire drainage pattern in and around your house. Above all, gutters prevent erosion, which is vital for a living space to remain hygienic. Improper gutter installation can wreak havoc on doors, porch, windows and the floor of the house. It is imperative to make it a point the gutter installation in your home should be well supervised to prevent any mishappenings later. 


Advantages of professional gutter installation 


  • In sync with the roof: The gutter needs to be compatible with the roof to dispose of the water properly. Professional installation makes sure that the gutter measurements are accurate, and the installation is to maximize efficiency. Additionally, if you want the exteriors of the house to match the roof siding and the colour of the gutter, that is possible too with professional gutter installation. 


  • Easy maintenance: professional gutter installation often includes repair. There are minimal to no signs of clogs and leakages, which means minimal maintenance. Additionally, the installation is such that it does not need a lot of looking after or repairs. The significant upfront investment will make you safe and stress-free ahead. 


  • Cleanliness: Professional gutter installation does not involve lips and joints. This means that there is no chance of any accumulation of debris or dust that may clog the way or be hazardous for the environment. The installation personnel or company would provide you with routine clean-ups, which are equally essential for the functionality of a gutter. The gutters have a smaller number of joints which makes debris accumulation even more minimal. Fewer joints are not only for better gutters but also to improve the visibility of the house. The cleaner the drainage system, the more appealing your home will be and the more the property value will be. 


  • Leakage and mould protection: The gutters are wet places. Since there is permanent moisture, the conditions are suitable for mould growth. Professional gutter installation ensures that the humidity is constricted. It prevents the water from seeping into your home. This means that there will be fewer leakages since there will be no open spots or loopholes, and there will be unwanted mould growth. 



  • Strong foundation: The structural stability of your depends significantly on the foundation of your house. The most feasible advantage of proper gutter installation is that it diverts the water away from your home. This is vital for the foundation integrity and stability. Excess water loosens the soil and seeps into your house. It can cause cracks, tiling issues, swollen doors and windows. This will weaken the strength and stability of your home. The only good way to tackle this is to hire a professional gutter installation service that will make it a point to divert the water as away from your home as possible. 


What Are The Causes Of Leaky Gutters?

Many people overlook the importance of gutters at their homes, but let me tell you, gutters play a valuable role as they protect your home from dampness, garden erosion and damaged foundations. And if they begin to leak, they can’t serve the purpose they are meant for. There can be many reasons for leaky gutters, and only gutter professionals can find the right cause. So, it is imperative to hire a gutter repair company at the earliest to fix the issue.


Now, let us learn what the possible causes of leaky gutters are.


  1. Clogs – Clogs are one of the most common causes of leaky gutters in residential as well as commercial rain gutter systems. If you are not in the habit of cleaning them regularly, they can fill with leaves and debris in a short time. All the waste accumulated in the gutters block them and leads to overflowing. This issue can easily be prevented by investing your time and money in rain gutter maintenance at least twice a year. Additionally, experts suggest getting the gutters cleaned after a rainstorm to ascertain that everything is working well.


  1. Improperly sloped gutters – For effective functioning, gutters require a gentle slope. It is because water run down the slope to the downspout. In case the slope is not set properly, water can pool in the gutter. With time, gutters corrode and get rusted, that gradually causes leaky gutters. So, make sure that the gutters at your place are installed with a downward slope that let water to flow easily towards the downspouts. Anyhow, if you are unable to judge the slope, it is recommended to contact a gutter repair contractor as they can check as well adjust it as required.


  1. Loose gutters – Several times, loose gutters are the reason behind the leakage. Rain gutters are fastened to the fascia board, and with time they sag because of the weight of rainwater and debris collected in the gutters. The rainwater then seeps through the loose joints that make your gutters leaky. If you want to get rid of this problem, then the only way out is to hire a gutter repair expert who can efficiently fasten the gutter hangers to the fascia board and make sure that all the repairing is done correctly.


  1. Cracks and holes – Even the strongest material can develop small holes and cracks because of weathering. Initially, this causes minor leaks, but if not paid attention, they can turn into a major problem with time. So, if you want to detect any tiniest and invisible crack, then pour water into the gutter and note if water leaks out or not. If you find even a small spot on your gutter, consider taking the help of a professional.

7 Popular Types of Exterior Siding For Your Home

It is essential to pay attention to the type of siding you choose for the exterior of your home. It should coordinate with the design of your home. For example, installing expensive wooden siding on the house which is in front of the beach will never be a good idea, as it will expose the property to the elements of the sea.

The lifespan of siding varies depending on the climate of the area where you live. So be very cautious in choosing the siding for your home.

Following are the seven popular types of exterior siding that you can consider for your home exterior –


  1. Vinyl Siding –

The vinyl siding is composed of PolyVinyl Chloride and is available in a variety of colors and textures that can mimic like wood shingles, wood grain, and stone. The panel is installed using nails. It is very easy to handle and can installed very quickly. Thus, it reduces labor costs.

Two significant advantages of vinyl siding for which it should be considered are

  1. i) it is inexpensive
  2. ii) It never needs painting


  1. Aluminum Siding –

Aluminum siding is similar to vinyl siding, and it is tough to spot the difference between the two without touching. Depending on the temperature, it has a tendency to expand and contract. The good thing about aluminum siding is that it can be painted and experts suggest that it should be done using oil-based paint only. Additionally, they provide an excellent waterproofing facility if installed properly.


  1. Wood Siding –

It is produced in a variety of types such as shingles, clapboards, lap or shake. Its finishing can include paint, stain or sealants. It is suggested to do priming at the back and sides of the wood, so that water should not seep into the wood. Wood is a good alternative to make the home look beautiful, but it can rot easily and require high maintenance.


  1. Stucco Siding –

There are different methods for applying stucco, but the hand-troweled way is considered best. It can be rough or smooth. To make sure that water does not seep under the plaster, it has to be watertight. Otherwise, the material will be separated from the home. Though it provides unique aesthetics to the house, it demands high labor-cost.


  1. Stone Siding –

Stone siding can be natural or artificial. Artificial stone are light and can be installed easily. Still, it is considered expensive than all the other siding options available. Synthetic stone siding is less sound than natural stone.


  1. Log Siding –

It can make your home look like a log home. It is available in quarter logs and half logs. Some log sidings are also available in steel or vinyl and look like wood.


Now, you might be having clarity regarding types of siding available in the market for the exterior of your home. But be choosy in making selection of the siding.

3 Helpful Tips to Find an Appropriate Siding for Your Home

A home is undoubtedly an individual’s most prized possessions. With all the time, money and efforts of a homeowner directed towards its maintenance, the wish is to keep the home look new as ever.

However, talking in practical terms, the wear and tear a house encounters is inevitable. The exterior of your house takes the most beating from the inclement weather conditions and heavy sunlight. These inescapable outdoor elements affect the property’s overall structural integrity demanding the homeowners to be extra careful when choosing the types of paint, gutters, and sidings.

Selecting the right type of siding is a crucial aspect of building a house. It not only improves the curb appeal but is also acts as a first line of defense against the outdoor elements. Sidings are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and materials and you may have a difficult time determining which one is appropriate for you.

However, with these three tips, you can make quick decisions as to what siding option will best suit your needs –

Gather Knowledge of Siding Materials

When you explore the market, you will come across a lot of options like vinyl, brick, stone, aluminum, and stucco with each one of them having their own set of pros and cons. Vinyl is the most popular choice as it is affordable, has a long life and is really easy to install. Brick is the choice since ancient times because of its robustness and ability to withstand extreme weather. Wood is also durable and visually appealing but demands a high degree of maintenance.

Therefore, when you are done with evaluating the merits and demerits of these materials, it becomes easier to shortlist the siding that will be perfect for your home’s exterior.

Consider the Weather Conditions

While it is natural to get inclined towards an option based on its design and color, the type of weather conditions it is going to bear should never take a back seat. So, it is important that you take into account the climate you live in and then choose a suitable siding.

The siding you pick should be able to withstand everything from high humidity levels and rains to hot temperatures and scorching sun. There should be enough protection against harmful UV rays as well.

Calculate the Overall Expenditure

You get what you paid for. Some siding options are low cost while some can cost you hundreds of dollars. Hence, you need to have a pre-determined budget in your mind to make sure all your expenses are in alignment with it and you don’t end up spending more than what you desire.

And it is not only the buying costs that one has to consider, you also need to evaluate the level of maintenance required for the siding to be able to calculate the final costs.


A Guide to Siding Installations

Your house is one of the most exorbitant investments you make on your lifetime. As such, it is imperative to put in place certain measures to prolong the durability and the look of your house. The inclement weather conditions are often too detrimental to the exterior of your house, accelerating the damage and corrosion of the materials at a much faster rate. Consequently, you would have to take steps to counter these effects before the defilement to your house is too grave to be repaired. One of such measures would be to contrive a professional siding installation. Siding is a safeguard against the elemental forces of rain, extremely harsh changes in climate conditions, and UV rays of the Sun. A properly done siding would improve the capacity of your house to withstand such adverse weather conditions. Nevertheless, this job must be done well by qualified contractors so as to ensure that the siding installation actually takes care of your house.

Enumerated below are a few times that will help you determine the necessary steps to be taken before a siding installation.


Clear the Work Area

Before you begin any siding installations on your house, you must ensure that the surrounding area is devoid of any trees or branches that would act as an impediment to the work. If you happen to have any lawn or patio furniture, garden hoses, lawn decorations, and the like, those too should be temporarily removed for the installation. The electricity that powers the outdoor lights or any other light fixtures must also be switched off and removed for the duration of the job.
The Right Material

There are a multitude of products available in the market that are directed towards varying purposes. For instance, a fiber-cement siding is employed to be insect proof, despite it not being water resistant. Plastic and vinyl sidings are economical and require very low maintenance. Steel sidings are a potential option too, thanks to its sustainability, color retentive properties, and strength. It additionally furnishes the properties of being fire, insect, and decay resistant. Their durability is much higher in comparison to aluminium, brick, vinyl, or plastic, making it extremely long-lasting.


Choose The Right Contractor

A good job of a siding installation is heavily dependent on settling down on the right siding contractor. They must be a team of seasoned and trained professionals so that the job is conducted with expertise, and in case of any contingencies, a solution can be arrived at the spur of the moment. Keep in mind that if this job is not done well, you will end up shelling out even more cash to cover up for the repairs and get another installation. A reliable insurance of the legitimacy of a siding contractor is their valid, state-mandated license. Make sure that you have researched and corroborated all their claims, inclusive of one regarding insurance policies and additional certifications. Be certain to go through the reviews given to them by their past clientele as well to have a better grasp over their professionalism, work ethic, and their customer service.
If you happen to be on the lookout for a reputable siding contractor in the Toronto area, you can rely on the name of Century Aluminium to dispense you an array of services in this arena at the most competitive upfront pricing.

7 Reasons Why Aluminum Siding Is Gold For Your Property

If you are thinking about insulating and covering the exterior walls of your property, you have many options at your disposal. For example, you can go for vinyl siding, wood siding as well as aluminum siding. These days, more and more homeowners are attracted by aluminum siding and the benefits it brings. If you haven’t installed aluminum siding on your house before, here are 7 great reasons to do it now.

You can get aluminum siding without breaking the bank

As you can probably imagine, different types of siding materials come at various prices and if you don’t have a very big budget at your disposal, you might want to opt for aluminum siding. This siding material is less expensive than other materials available on the market and it can be installed with little to no effort by the professionals. Other siding materials can cost up to 80% more than aluminum siding and they require more time for the installation process to be complete.

You can update your aluminum siding if you want to give your house a fresh look


In a similar fashion, aluminum is a siding material that can be painted if you want to improve the way your house looks or you are tired of a particular color. This is not possible for other types of siding materials. Additionally, you might be happy to know that aluminum siding can be replaced in sections if you want to update the looks of your property and make it more attractive at some point in the future.

Aluminum siding can last for almost a lifetime

One of the biggest advantages of aluminum siding is the simple fact that it can last for at least 40 years, especially if it is properly maintained, at it is very resistant to wear and tear, in comparison with other siding materials which cannot last nearly as much. Additionally, any small damages like corrosion signs or scratches can be fixed with little to no effort by sanding and painting that particular area. Any dents that might be found on your aluminum siding can also be repaired easily and cheaply.

If for some reason you have a particular area of aluminum siding which is badly damaged then you can simply replace the aluminum section as mentioned before. As a result, your property will look gorgeous again and you don’t have to spend a lot of money or waste a lot of time in order to achieve this.

Aluminum siding can be an excellent insulator

You might be happy to know that your energy bill can be drastically reduced if you improve the insulation of your property. Luckily, aluminum siding can protect your house against heat loss because it offers better insulation, in comparison with other siding materials. Therefore, during hot summer days, the coolness in your house will not be lost and you won’t have to use the air conditioning unit that often, saving a lot of money in the long run. Similarly, during freezing winter nights, your aluminum siding will prevent heat from escaping, making the property warmer, safer and more comfortable for you and your family members.

You can install aluminum siding on your own if you love DIY projects

If you have some free time and you like being with a hammer in your hand from time to time then you might be happy to know that aluminum siding can be installed by yourself without much effort. All that you need are a few tools which are not that expensive and can be rented from a local hardware store and a free weekend. However, if you want to reap all the benefits aluminum siding provides, make sure that you let the professionals install it for you, just to have more peace of mind.

Usually it takes only one day to install aluminum siding

Thanks to the fact that this siding material is so flexible and lightweight, it doesn’t require a lot of time in order to be installed. In fact, the professionals can install your aluminum siding in just one day, especially if your property is not that big.

Aluminum siding gives your house a modern and elegant look

This material is increasingly popular these days because it looks clean, modern and very elegant. That is why you see mobile phones and tablets that feature certain elements made from aluminum as well as many vehicle wheels made from aluminum alloys. If you install aluminum siding, your property will become more eye-catching and it will feature a modern and stylish look which will increase its value, so that when you sell or rent your house, you can confidently ask for more money.

If you want to install aluminum siding in the upcoming days, make sure that you give us a call and take advantage of our professional services. We install top quality aluminum siding that comes in various colors and we charge a fair price for our services.

How to effectively paint Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding has long been proven as the preferred choice for siding in Toronto. This is because when moist or salty air comes into contact with the aluminum siding it forms hard oxides of the metal which cover up and protect the metal from further damage.

A great way of protecting your Aluminum Siding Toronto is painting it with your favorite color. Painting is also recommended instead of replacing rusty sidings to save money. Follow these steps on how to carefully paint aluminum siding Mississauga:

  • Step 1: Check whether the siding is made of aluminum or steel. Use a magnet, if the magnet stick to the siding then it is steel. If it is steel consult a professional on how and what to paint it with.
  • Step 2: Using a pole slander remove any dirt or plants off the siding and thoroughly rinse any detergent that is on the siding.
  • Step 3: Lightly sand the siding wherever necessary. This will allow the paint to adhere to the siding and prevent chipping of the freshly dried paint.
  • Step 4: Assess the siding and decide whether it needs primer coating. If unsure of where to apply it just apply it to the whole siding and leave it to dry.
  • Step 5: Finally finish the process by applying a coat of Acrylic Latex. Use one with a low luster or satin finish as it gives the original look. If possible, use an airless sprayer; you can easily rent out a machine in the Mississauga area.

Advantages availed from Eavestrough and Aluminium Siding

An eavestrough is a narrow channel that is connected to the edge of the roof. It is also known as a rain gutter. This allows it to collect water and draw the water away from the roof and prevents the water from damaging the roofing structure of a building.

Siding on the other hand is an outer covering or layer that is placed on the walls of the building and protects the building from damage from weather, especially rain. The materials used to make siding include; thatch, shingles, metal, stone, wood, plastic and others. Aluminium siding is specifically used for homes in areas with coastal climates.

Here are some of the advantages using of eavestroughs and aluminium sidings in Toronto;

  • Buildings with eavestroughs and sidings tend to have a higher value than buildings without them. This is because they protect the house from all-weather related aspects.
  • Eavestroughs collect rain water from roofs and direct away from it. This prevents water from leaking into the roofing material and damaging the underlying structures of the roof
  • Aluminium sidings are great for areas whose air contains a lot of moisture and salt. This is because the aluminium reacts with air to produce aluminium oxides which coat the surface and prevents further damage.
  • With a few modifications eavestroughs and sidings can be used to collect rain water and stored in a tank. This is a great way of reducing water bills for watering the lawn, gardens and for washing purposes.