How to maintain your Eavestrough and keep it clean

Eavestrough and gutter are one of the most important parts of your house, and if they malfunction, they can cause quite a problem for you, hence it is important to maintain them and keep cleaning them from time to time. Keeping the eavestrough clear of debris and garbage is an important part of maintaining your roofing system. However, it might sound easy, but the task of cleaning them is not easy and obviously not the most glamorous chores but proper eavestrough cleaning will ensure the proper drainage and foundation of your home is protected and water is channeled to the safe location.

It is important to clean the eavestrough and gutter at least twice a year. Especially before the winters, as the weather begins to become chill. Also, you should consider the surroundings and environment around your house, if you happen to have a lot of trees around your house; it would require you to clean the eavestrough and gutters more often.

You should note that cleaning the eavestrough is not at all easy; rather it can be quite dangerous. You would need to work with a ladder, which can be a dangerous position to be in, especially when devoting free hands to the use of tools. Here are a few tools that you would require for the cleaning process.

  • Gloves: You should wear thick work gloves while cleaning to effectively scoop out the debris and garbage. Make sure that the gloves are thick enough to protect you from sharp objects.
  • Eye protection: when you are working on a height or with any tools, you should make ensure that your eyes are protected with a help of eye protection wear.
  • Trowel: you can scoop out the debris or garbage with the help of a trowel or even a small shovel. You should avoid using your hands as much as possible.
  • Bucket: after you are doing scooping out the debris, you would need a place to throw away the garbage, it is always suggested to keep a bucket handy to dump the debris.
  • Ladder: to reach the roof of your house, you would need a ladder. Make sure the ladder is stable and solid. Also, you should make sure that you do not put too much weight on the eavestrough as the ladder can break or bend it.

Always make sure you have the assistance as managing all the tools along with the ladder can be quite challenging. It is always better to have someone around the ladder while you are cleaning.

The steps involved in the cleaning of the eavestrough are quite simple, you will need to position your ladder at the end of your eavestrough and climb the ladder. Run some water through the eavestrough to know where the blockages are occurring and if there are any leaks. The next step is to remove the debris using a trowel or a small shovel. Once the section is clear of the debris, run the water again to ensure the smooth flow of water.