You May Not Even Know Soffit Is Already Installed For Your Home!

There are things that easily skip your mind as you go about everyday life. Toronto siding, soffits, and some unique roofing fittings are some examples. Soffit, for example, is among the home fittings that invariably goes unnoticed. The only time homeowners think about it is during home renovation. Well, you do not have to wait for renovation day to know certain parts of your house.

Getting to know them as early as possible can help you make the right choices when remodeling or selling your house. While most people may be unable to tell whether they have soffit or not, you can actually find out by taking note of the following factors.

Do you have a soffit?


First, you need to understand the meaning of soffit. Soffit is actually the underside of the eave. It is the point where the roof clearly extends over the side walls of your home. In certain homes, eaves do not entirely go past the sidewalls. Other homes have eaves extending beyond the sidewalls. However, the underside may not be necessarily hedged by soffit. There is a good chance that you actually have soffit installed in your home. How do you find out about it? By simply taking a stroll around your home, you can look at the roof. When you see the underside of the eaves without any rafters, you definitely have soffit.

Purpose of soffits

Each housing element plays a critical role. The roof protects you from the sun and rain. The gutters help with drainage whenever there is a storm. Just like many other parts of a house, the soffit plays a critical role by giving offering both functional and aesthetic benefits. Therefore, you can bet on great functionality when you install quality soffit. Secondly, you can be confident about your home value when it comes to sales because soffit gives your home an aesthetic appeal. The following elaborate more on the different purposes of soffit.


Every manmade thing is subjected to wear and tear. There are elements that affect the physical integrity and structure of manmade things. The soffits play a unique role by protecting the rafters from harsh weather elements that may bring about wearing and damage. The life of the materials used to make rafters depends on maintenance.

Mold grows on the rafters over time due to moisture buildup. If the level of moisture is not controlled, molds will easily thrive and lead to other damages. The life of the rafter material will decline significantly but the good thing is that taking precautions by having soffit extends the life of the rafter materials. Soffits basically prevent moisture buildup and prevent material deterioration.

Aesthetic purpose

One of the most effective ways of making your home look more beautiful is adding soffit. It is a great option for adding character. Moreover, you can find it in a wide variety of designs and colors. This gives you the opportunity to make a great façade for your home. With soffit, your home will always have an appealing look whether you are relaxing outside or taking a walk in the street.

The design of your home roof is a critical factor when it comes to the functionality of soffit. This is because soffit can serve yet another vital functional role based on the roofing design. Soffit are not usually vented. That means that if your home has captivating roof overhangs, you can get the opportunity to get air into the attic space. This goes a long way to provide natural ventilation at home. For effective ventilation, there should be balance between the intake eaves and exhausts for the roof vents. Modern ridge vents are effective for exhausting a significant amount of air. This means that you need to find soffit that is a perfect match for that flow.