6 Tricks to Enhance the Energy Efficiency of Your House

Apart from making your home appear aesthetically beautiful, it is important to make it more functional too. One of the essential points that most of the homeowners’ miss is enhancing the energy efficiency of their house. They often fall prey to increasing electricity bills and stress that come along. Hardly anybody comes to a conclusion and solution of why is it happening to them?

Taking a few simple measures such as using electricity when needed, sealing the windows and doors with exterior shutters and drapes, repairing worn out windows and doors and improving the ventilatory tract of the house can save you a lot on your electricity bill, not instantly but gradually.

Here are some good reasons to make your home more energy efficient-


1) Insulate your loft- One of the major causes of energy wastage is the poorly insulated walls and roofs. Having your attic appropriately covered or insulated can help you save a lot every month. However, it totally depends on the walls and roof structure of your house and the type of insulation you go for.

2) Upgrade your heating and cooling appliances- Inefficient, old and tattered appliances such as heaters, coolers, air conditioners, and boilers can add a few hundred pounds to your electricity bills. Upgrading your appliances can cut the unwanted expenses of your bills. Markets are flooded with devices and machines made with the latest technology that reduces your home’s carbon emissions. Therefore, invest in a new one.

3) Repair worn-out windows and doors- Worn-out windows and doors lead to the escape of inner heat during cold winters. Cracks, broken bolts and loose hinges add to the same. Therefore, if your home has old windows, either get them repaired or replaced with new ones.

Do not just focus on the windows of your main floor, if your home has a basement, keep the windows and door closed when not in use and simultaneously inspect any breakage or leaks through windows.

4) Insulate your doors and windows- Sometimes sticking to simpler solutions can prove to be beneficial, such as hanging thick curtains, installing exterior shutters to block the inflow of air or sunlight, placing glass sheets and blindfolds. Such options can be used both in summers and winters to save energy.

5) Watch your energy consumption- You might have never thought about the amount of energy you consume on a daily basis. Monitoring your energy usage gives you a fair idea of your utilization and the bills associated with it. You become more resilient with the consumption of energy. One of the best ways of doing is to switch on lights and fans only when in use and the same goes with other appliances.

6) Other things to consider- Besides saving electricity, focus on saving water too. Replace buckets with showers and general faucets with dishwashers. Do not use a lot of water during cleaning. Look for green options around and you will see a gradual decrease in your bills.