7 Probably Problems That Can Be Caused By Damaged And Unclogged Gutters

The gutters are some of the most important elements of a house, but in most cases homeowners forget about them and they don’t clean them properly or repair them when they are damaged. This can be detrimental in the long run as clogged gutters can pose a plethora of problems. It is important to inspect the gutters of your house several times a year and clean/repair them regularly, otherwise you might stumble upon one of the following problems.

Foundation damage

This can be one of the most serious and expensive to fix type of problem clogged gutters can cause. Basically, if the gutters are blocked, water cannot pass through and it is not channeled correctly into a safe direction, away from the property. The water will simply fall all over the place, keeping the foundation moist and causing huge deterioration in the long run.

In most cases, foundation damage caused by clogged gutters cannot be seen until it is too late and fixing the foundation can cost a fortune, not to mention that the value of the property will also decrease. To prevent this, make sure that you take a look at your gutters at least several times a year and you will have more peace of mind.

Landscape damage

In a similar fashion, when rainwater falls all over the place, chances are that it will be spilled on flower beds, small trees, shrubs and other plants you might have around your house. In the most unfortunate cases, it can even be spilled on you when you expect the least and that is why it is paramount to clean the gutters regularly.

Gutters can fall on the ground if they become too heavy

When gutters are much clogged, they tend to be filled with debris, leaves, small tree branches and so on. When this debris combines with water, the gutters can become quite heavy and especially if they are slightly damaged, they will eventually collapse and fall on the ground. This is quite dangerous if someone in your family or maybe you might be under the gutters when this happens.

Wasps and rats can create nests in your gutters


Homeowners who don’t clean their gutters on a regular basis give different types of pests like wasps and rodents a chance to create colonies and establish nests inside them. This is a very bad thing as rodents can spread a lot of diseases and illnesses, not to mention that they will damage the gutters further in the long run. Similarly, wasps can be a real danger as they can sting you or your family members and their poison might trigger an allergic reaction to someone who is sensitive to these insects. Therefore, if you want to protect your family members and live in a safe property, make sure that you unclog the gutters on a regular basis and keep them as clean as possible.

You cannot harvest rainwater

A lot of homeowners rely on the gutters in order to harvest the rainwater and this is a good thing as rainwater can be used with multiple purposes later on such as watering plants, washing the car, washing the walkways, the garage door, etc. However, if the gutters are damaged and they feature cracks and leaks, the rainwater harvesting process will not be as efficient as possible and this is a pity since using rainwater on a regular basis for daily tasks can significantly reduce your water bill in the long run.

Small plants and even grass can grow on your gutters

If the gutters are very dirty and seriously clogged, it won’t be long until you might see small plants and grass growing from them. This happened to a lot of homeowners who were negligent about their gutters throughout the entire year. Needless to say, plants and grass growing from gutters can considerably reduce the curb appeal of your property and decrease its value, not to mention that passersby who will see this will immediately believe that the homeowner is a careless person.

Clogged gutters can cause water infiltration in the spring

During winter months, ice might be formed in gutters which are not cleaned properly because the water cannot be drained correctly. As a result, when the spring comes and ice starts to melt, it will have no clear path to drain away from the house and it will eventually leak into the property, causing further damage and problems which are not that cheap to fix. If the gutters are cleaned, melting ice can easily be directed away from the house, protecting the roof as well as the entire property.

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