Common Gutter Problems And Their Solutions

The thought of clogged, aging or warped gutters in Toronto often makes homeowners quite frustrated, especially when they are deluged with water whenever they walk underneath the eaves. Generally, there are four common problems with the gutters which you might be well aware of. Here is a brief guide on each of these problems and how you can tackle them.

The four most common problems include:

• Leaky gutter joints

• Bending or warping of old gutters

• Improper pitching

• Gutter clogging due to twigs, leaves and some other debris

If you can climb on your house roof, you may feel that you can fix the gutter problems at your own. The problem may look quite easy at the beginning but do not forget to read some do-it-yourself activity tips before you begin to sort out the problem. If you have never fixed such type of problems before, it is quite better if you seek professional help in this regard. Otherwise, you will be bringing more trouble along your way.

Leaky gutter joints

When it comes to dealing with leaky gutter joints, many people try to fix them on their own. The process is pretty simple. All you need to do is have to a tube of gutter sealant. However, you can only repair the joints when the weather is dry.

Simply apply a small amount of gutter sealant to the inside of the gutter. Let the sealant cure it for almost twenty four hours. In case the hole is big or you feel that the gutter has rusted through, you will have to purchase a patch kit from a nearby hardware store. The patch kits usually come with a screen that can easily fill the hole. Otherwise you may have to create your own patch from a metal flashing remnant.

The entire process will look to be easy for those who are DIY enthusiasts. For others, this may seem to be a highly technical type of work and therefore they will usually hire professional help for this.

Bending or warping of old gutters


This is an inevitable problem that all homeowners experience. Over the period of time the hangers and hardware age and weather. Under such a situation, gutters tend to pull away from the house and sometimes become bogged down due to heavy debris.

In order to get this done yourself, you will have to install new gutter hangers and of course fasteners on warped or sagging sections. Hangers are quite inexpensive therefore will not cost you a fortune. Furthermore, the installation process is quite simple. You would also have to see whether the warped gutter is seated properly or not. In case it is not, you might have to replace some small sections of the gutter itself. It is a quite technical process and usually it is recommended to hire a professional person in this regard. There are some cases when a roofing contractor is also hired if seamless gutters are installed as they cannot be replaced by sections.

Improper pitching of gutters

This problem usually occurs when gutters are pitched improperly or are hastily installed. You can easily check whether your gutters are properly installed or not. Simply go to your roof and see whether they are pitched downward. The gutters need to be pitched at least quarter inch for every ten feet of gutter length. In order to adjust the gutter pitch, you will have to either re-hang the affected sections or bend the hangers a little so that the water flow is accommodated.

In case you have seamless gutters in your home, then they cannot be adjusted easily. You will have to seek professional assistance in this regard and get the matter sorted out. However, you will have to ensure that you are hiring a reputable one for this project. There is no harm in doing a little survey and discussing costs and repair strategies with different experts. After a detail discussion, you will be in a better position to make a right decision.

Gutter clogging due to twigs, leaves and some other debris

Rocks, dirt and plant matter happen to be the main reasons for gutter clogging. They prevent rain water to ruff off flow freely. If you keep on ignoring this problem, the debris will turn into sludge which will later weather the gutters and lead to eventual breakdown. There are times when this issue makes the gutters to weigh down and pull it away from the fascia.

The clogging issue can easily be sorted out if you inspect your gutters thoroughly on regular basis. It does not matter whether you have metal gutters or vinyl gutters. They need your attention. You must remove the clogged areas by simply removing debris with a work glove. To improve the flow, you can clean the gutters with a garden hose. For long term protection, you may have to invest in gutter leaf guards.