Do You Really Need Rain Gutters?

It is unfortunate that some new homeowners overlook the task of checking if the house has rain gutters installed during inspection. If you have just bought a home, it is paramount to ensure that it has rain gutters and if not, get a company specializing in eavestroughing in Toronto to install one for you. Why is this important? Rain gutters help to protect a house’s foundation from weakening by draining rain water away from the basement. If you don’t install downspouts and gutters to direct runoff away from your house, the water that floods around can cause serious damages that may force a homeowner to spend thousands of dollars in repairs. Let’s look at the reasons why a homeowner should invest in rain gutters for their new house.

Prevent erosion


Usually when a house is being built, code requires that they be situated on a slight slope to guide rain water away from the house’s foundation. If a home has no gutters, the water from the roof splashes to the ground with much force which causes massive erosion. This means that every time it rains, more and more soil is washed away and with time this causes carefully sloped landscape to wear down. When this happens, the runoff starts to flow towards the house instead of away from it. If left unattended, heavy erosion can cause the foundation to settle leading to cracked walls and uneven floors.

Protect garden beds

Most homeowners enjoy planting shrubs and flowers right next to the house. Plants around a home help to create an aesthetic appeal and also act as windbreakers to guard against stormy winter weather. As mention earlier, when a house has no rain gutters it can lead to serious soil erosion. This means that your garden could literally wash away during heavy rains. Even if soil erosion is minimal, water from your roof can form puddles in your garden and drown your shrubs and flowers.

Prevent basement flooding

During heavy rains, soil becomes saturated with water and becomes incredibly heavy. When a house has no gutters installed, water runs off the roof and pools around the house. The soil becomes heavy placing tremendous pressure on the foundation. Over time, the pressure causes basement walls to crack or push inward. The cracks on the wall then allow water to flow in and flood your basement. The water seeping through the cracks may at times not be excess but this causes the basement to become damp promoting mould growth. Eventually, moulds can become a health hazard placing a whole household in danger of diseases.

Protect the siding

When rain water carries tiny asphalt shingle particles, leaves and dirt down the siding, they leave unsightly staining. This leaves a house’s exterior looking unkempt and dreary, negatively impacting your curb appeal. Also, streams of rainwater can make wood sidings to rot. Rotten sidings create holes which invite pests into your home. With time, if more water continues to seep through the siding, it can affect a house’s structural integrity which becomes difficult and expensive to fix.

Protect your home with gutter installation

As you can see, a home without gutters is not well protected and homeowners stand to lose more if they neglect this part of their house. To answer the question whether you really need rain gutters, the answer will be a big yes. Gutters not only offer protection to a home but they also help to add property value. Before installing gutters, check out which gutter shape and style will compliment your architectural design. Make sure that you work with a seasoned gutter installation company to achieve the perfect finishing.