How To Choose A Gutter Style That Complements Your Property’s Aesthetics

Rain gutters are available in different styles and materials, just as different homes are built in different materials and architectural styles. Each gutter style has its own distinct advantage and disadvantages. Before installing an eavestrough in Mississauga, you need to consult a professional company which specializes in gutter installations and have them take a look at your architectural style. They will be able to help you pick the ideal gutter style that will not only complement your architectural style but also add an aesthetic appeal to your home. Learn how to accent your home with the right gutter system.

Choose the right gutter materials


Most modern homeowners prefer installing aluminium gutters than any other materials. Aluminium gutters are more popular due to their durability, simple maintenance and low cost. Aluminium gutter systems are lightweight, rust resistant and they have been known to last up to 30 years. This means that a homeowner will be making a lifetime investment when they choose aluminium.

Another popular gutter material is steel. Steel gutter systems can withstand extreme weather conditions and they are stronger that other materials. However, steel gutters are more popular and applicable for commercial and industrial gutters. Then, there are copper gutter systems. Copper gutters have a vintage look that gives a home a rustic look. Copper gutters are more expensive compared to steel and aluminium gutters but, they save money and time long term.

Choose the right colour of gutter system

Many homeowners find it more challenging to choose the right colour of gutter system than it is to choose the right type of material. There are more than 20 different gutter systems colours that range from pebble and cashmere to graphite and moonlit moss. When choosing the right colour for your gutters, you need to consider your home’s exterior décor. Choose a colour that will blend in well with your sidings and exterior wall paint.

Choose the right gutter accessories

Gutter accessories are known to help homeowners achieve a unique look that accents both the home and the gutter systems. There is wide array of gutter system accessories that one can choose from and they include drain guards, funnels, brackets, hangers, decorative downspout straps, gable covers and rain chains. Not all accessories can work on all architectural designs. You need to consult a gutter systems expert before getting any gutter accessories to ensure they will suit your architectural design.

Choose the right style of gutter system

Gutter systems are a vital part of the roofing system, and there are actually more than one type of gutters to choose from. The most common guttering systems include:

Box gutters: Box gutters are designed to be “boxed” into the edge or the middle of the roof. They are ideal for homeowners who prefer their gutters not showing.
Fascia gutters: This is a gutter style that combines the gutter and fascia together to create one system.
Square gutters: These gutters have a square appearance and they are available in hi-square or lo-square profile. Square gutters have a high capacity and they can cope with large volumes of water easily. They have a modern profile that suits all home styles.
Round gutters: Also known as half round gutters, round gutters take the shape of a circle that is cut in half when viewed from the side. Just like square gutters, round gutters are capable of holding large amounts of rain water. Most home owners prefer round gutters because they are self-cleaning.
Quad gutters: Also known as “D” gutters, quad gutters are the most popular gutter style. These gutters marry in perfectly with existing gutters and they suit new homes.