Your Quick Guide to Ensure Full-Proof Home Maintenance During Winters

Winters can be quite harsh In Toronto, and you can see homeowners prepping themselves days in advance to combat the winter storms and snow. Special attention is given to the living spaces, i.e. homes so that there are any costly repairs after the offset of chilly months.

Of course, the fluffy snow and sparkling icicles does make one feel like straight from the wonderland, but considering the level of devastation that comes along; it is wise to handle the situation with a bit of preventive maintenance.

Here are a few tasks you need to carry out for making your home winter ready and successfully reduce possibilities of property damage and deep-freeze –

Inspect your Gutters and Drainage

Sometimes winters come with incessant rainfall, so you have to be ready to tackle it with ease. To start with, you need to clean out the eavestrough and rain gutters. Now, this may not sound a fun job to do, but it can potentially save you more money in the long-run.

Clogged gutters on the roof often overflow and break that can put unimaginable strain above. You can also find ice built up in them that can be extremely bothering and challenging.

So, you should check them often and swap them with good quality eavestrough and drainage pipes for better performance.

Be Persistent with Snow Removal

Your valuable home stands on a foundation, and if that isn’t robust enough, there can be a question mark towards the architectural integrity. The problem during winters is that heavy snow accumulates around the premises and starts seeping in the soil making way to the foundation of the building.

As a result, there arises immense deterioration, expensive repairs, and lots of hassle to undo the damage of pooled water at the base of the house.

That is why you should try focusing your efforts at the foundation, decks, basement areas, windows, and concrete steps (if any).

Protect your Flooring

Areas of and around Toronto can get very snowy and cold. More snow means more ice melt on the sidewalks, more salt on the roads, and more dirt tracking-in, leading to the beating of your entryway floor.

The chemicals in ice melt substances can impact the look and longevity of flooring in no time and even leave permanent damage that can be expensive to repair.

So, you better use high-quality floor mats at the door. Also, use a boot scraper or brush outside so anyone can remove excess snow before entering the home.

Install De-Icing Cables

Ice dams can be a huge nuisance to deal with. During heavy snowstorms, the ice gets accumulated on the roof, and before it begins to melt and runoff, it freezes again near the edge (over the eaves).

This repeated cycle over the months leads to the formation of thick barriers of ice hanging along the roof that constantly leaks or may even fall.

However, there is a smart way of prevention, and that is de-icing cables. These cables are installed on the roof to release heat and stop the melted snow from refreezing; hence allowing easy runoff the roof, into the storm drainage, and finally into the garden.