Steps To Clean Eavestroughs and Gutters

During a storm – particularly a rainstorm, eavestroughs and gutters help protect your windows, doors, and walls by collecting the runoff from the roof and depositing it elsewhere. However, this does mean that cleaning the eavestroughs – and getting rid of the leaves, mud, and water that has collected there – can be a daunting and a tedious task. Though it is recommended that professional services be called to clean your eavestroughs, it is possible to clean them on your own – with proper safety measures.

The first step is to clean all the leaves and fallen debris from off the eavestrough –this way you make sure that the pipes remain clean, and that nothing gets blocked in those pipes, resulting in rainwater filling the gutters and overflowing – which is never a desirable situation. To clean the leaves off the gutter, place a firm ladder on a level base – a tall stepladder would be preferable, and simply pick the leaves off. Make sure that while cleaning the gutter, you don’t lean over the edge too far – maintain your balance while on the ladder at all times. It is recommended not to stand on the uppermost rungs – and to clean the gutter on a sunny, dry, day – and never in wet or icy conditions so that you won’t slip and fall.
While cleaning your eavestroughs and gutters, it is recommended that you wear thick safety gloves – most eavestroughs have sharp edges or screw points sticking out – and wearing safety gloves and goggles is always recommended. In some situations, it is recommended that you keep a bucket lying on the floor below, to help you clear up the extra debris and collect it in one place.
Another thing to do is blast out the gutter with a hose, using a high pressure nozzle – to wash out the end of each length of gutter, thereby clearing all the mud off of the gutter in one fell swoop. However, this can result in mud splattering the walls of your home, so it is recommended that you carry a stiff scrub brush as well, to clear the mud off your walls.
Alternatively, a leaf blower can be used for cleaning gutters – however, there are certain drawbacks – which are that the dirt may be solidified and will not blow away. In this situation, it is recommended to call a professional.
One final tip is to make sure that the ladder you’re on is on a secure, level base – and that the ladder is secured, to make sure you don’t slip and fall.

Century Aluminum Services makes sure that your gutters and eavestroughs remain clean – and that adequate safety measures are formed, so that the job is done efficiently, with no damaging side effects or consequences. The services provided by Century Aluminum makes sure that the servicemen that are sent to your home are honest, dependable, and reliable, making sure that everyone leaves the situation satisfied by the job done. The best part is that these services are provided at competitive market rates – thereby ensuring complete customer satisfaction.