Avoid Potential Dangers With These Gutter Cleaning Tips!

Although an essentially important task, gutter cleaning is a risky responsibility. From cutting your fingers on sharp pieces of metal to falling off the ladder, and not to mention bites from insects or fleeing animals you might encounter, cleaning the gutters present a long list of dangers for which you must be prepared for. Fortunately, odds are that you will get through your cleaning project without an incident. However, it is important to protect yourself against the many potential dangers. The top five dangers in this case include:


• Dizziness or vertigo: A lot of people are suddenly overtaken by dizziness when working at high heights.

• Contact with electrical wiring: If you are not careful, you could end up accidentally hitting the overhead electrical wires with the ladder, or worst, grabbing overhead live wires while attempting to prevent a fall.

• Instability of the ladder being used: This is often caused by an insecure positioning on the gutter or due to placing the ladder on uneven ground. It could also be caused by improper positioning of the ladder against the walls.

• Inappropriate clothing: These kinds of clothing can catch on projections, causing the ladder and its users to topple sideways and fall.

• Poor maintenance of the ladder: An improperly maintained ladder is a dangerous tool to use when cleaning your gutter as it could easily break. A wobbly ladder also should not be used when cleaning the gutters as they are quite unsafe for use.

Safe gutter cleaning

If as a homeowner you knew the proper way to clean out your gutter, then you could be safe from the above mentioned gutter cleaning dangers. How so, you may ask. Well, read on to find out. There are a quite a number of gutter cleaning tips that can be opted for so as to always be on the safe side. The below listed gutter cleaning tips are some of the best among them.

Practice ladder safety

It is recommended that you make another person aware that you will be utilizing a ladder to work on your building’s gutter or roof for safety purposes. That being done, you should use a sturdy and safe ladder that is properly maintained. The preferable type of a ladder when it comes to cleaning your gutter is the type that has a small strong shelf that can be able to hold a 5-gallon or so bucket to collect the debris from the gutter. The bucket however needs to be firmly secured with a strong wire or rope. Before getting started, make sure to examine the ladder for loose parts, defects or dents.

Make use of a garden hose

The best type of garden hose to use for gutter cleaning undertakings is the type that comes with a pistol-grip trigger type of a spray nozzle, and for a good reason. This kind of a spray nozzle allows the user to adjust the water pressure to suit the immediate requirements with only one hand.

Ensure to protect your hands

Make sure to wear appropriate gloves to help protect your hands against rotting leaves and dirt debris that usually contains hidden bird and animal droppings that are ridden with disease causing bacteria. Apart from this, gloves are ideal for protecting against cuts from torn metal from the gutters. The most recommended types of gloves in this case are the thick, suede-made types as they are superior to rubber, cotton or thin leather varieties.

Wear appropriate eye protection

Protecting the eyes is mandatory as you never know what might fly out of the gutter when cleaning. A lot of people have been stung by wasps or bees or even knocked off the ladder by rats, birds and other animals leaving the downspouts at high speed once the cleaning undertaking commences.

Consider wearing rubber shoes

Because walking on a building’s roof is a necessary part of cleaning the gutters in Toronto, it is advisable to consider wearing rubber-soled. These types of shoes adhere best on the surface being worked on, preventing slip as well as fall incidents. And while at it, walking on the roofs should be done after the sun is well up in the sky as doing so in the morning is quite risky due to moisture.

Other gutter cleaning tips in a summary include:

• Being mindful of power line hazards

• Scheduling semiannual cleanings

• Ensure to power wash all debris off the roof first

• Be sure to use a quality gutter guard to eliminate the need for cleaning out the gutters