What is Eavestrough and why every House Needs it?

Eavestrough is also known as a rain gutter. It is one of the components of the water discharge system for the building. It is used to prevent water from dripping or flowing off the roofs in an uncontrolled and directionless manner. It runs around the perimeter of the house’s roof, and collects the rainwater or snow that runoff from the roof, discharging it through the downpipes and eventually to the drainage system. The components of the eavestrough system include:

  • Eavestrough: Narrow troughs that do the function of collecting the water.
  • Downpipes: they attach the roof to the ground level
  • Soffit: it is the underside of the overhanging area of the roof eaves.
  • Fascia: it is the horizontal face of the roof edge where the gutters are attached.

Eavestroughs are essential for any house, as they perform plenty of functions. Here are a top few benefits of the eavestrough system.

  • Leads to an efficient water drainage system: If you don’t have eavestrough installed on your roof, the rainwater or the melted snow will fall directly from the roof. This will cause the water to splatter which can cause dirty and muddy marks on your home’s wall. Also, if the water is continuously pouring from the roof, it can damage the soil as it can lead to oversaturation. This can further result in damages to the foundation of your house. Installing an eavestrough system will prevent all this.
  • Prevents yard flooding: excessive rain or the melting of snow can cause a lot of water to require systematic drainage. If the water is not drained properly, this can lead to flooding in your yard. Water will keep falling from your roof and flood your yard when the ground level drainage system will not be able to handle the high volume of water.
  • Prevents major damages: Due to continuous falling of water from the roof, it can lead to soil erosion and oversaturation of the soil. These issues can cause a problem to your plants or shrubs in your yard, your plants may wither or break. Apart from the damages to your lawn, it can also lead to settling of the ground, basement flooding, house flooding, cracks in deck and patio, and many other foundational problems. By installing the eavestrough you can avoid all these problems and protect the foundation of your house.
  • Prevent roof rotting: when the melted snow does not drain properly, it gets submitted to the different areas of your roof. The accumulated melted snow can lead to standing water on your roof which can wreak havoc on your entire roofing. This can be quite risky and dangerous as it can cause your roof to fall.
  • Better home experience: do you want your guests to pass through Niagara Falls every time someone leaves or enters your house? Getting the eavestrough installed will prevent all this and you will be saved from the waterfall experience outside your main door. A good eavestrough system will surely give you a good home experience.